Sunday, June 25, 2017

 June 19

  Mālō lelei everyone!!!
This week has been good!! Got a new companion on Wednesday! Elder
Hatch is over in a different ward now! My new companion's name is Elder Wilde! And he is the tech guy for the mission so that's kinda cool!
Mostly it just means he gets a bunch of calls  from people whose IPads
aren't working.
He is a cool guy! We are excited to try and get some more work
done in the Rose City!
We had a pretty cool miracle this week. So we had a General Authority
come to the mission a few weeks ago and talk to us on how to be
successful as missionaries! He talked a lot about working with members! So we've been trying to work with them a lot this week! And a member named Sister Fanguna who we invited to pray for missionary opportunities on Wednesday called us on Saturday to tell us she has a Fijian family for us to teach!! So that was pretty awesome!! It's so much better to work with members to help them invite people to
teach! It works really well!! So yeah we are excited to see how that goes!!
Another cool thing we went to the graduation of Shaianne and Joe
(Shaianne's boyfriend who baptized her) and it was pretty awesome!
Tongans go all out!!! 
Also exciting, Shaianne had the chance to go do baptisms for the dead on Saturday with the youth!  So that was pretty awesome!! We also wanted to go but we couldn't get a ride!
Other than that our week has been pretty chill not to much exciting happened!
I love you all and I hope you all have a good week!
Oh and I'd like to leave you all with an invitation! Pray for
missionary opportunities this week and then look for them! If you do
God will bless you with them!
Bye y'all! Ofa otu
Elder Caleb Dewald

(Caleb sent the picture of the graduation but the pictures of him with his new companion were sent to me by families who fed him. They really love him and are taking awesome care of him!)

 June 12
Mōlō leleli!!
This week was pretty awesome!
We had an awesome baptism on Sunday!!!  I'll try and send as many
pictures of that as I can! (I am still waiting for the pictures. I will post them when I get them.)
Shaianne is the name of the investigator who got baptized! She was
super excited! She even came to a baptism for some other elders in our
zone the day before hers! Then after she got baptized she got up and
bore her testimony and it was very powerful!! It was just a really
great time! And now this week she is going to do baptisms for the dead
with all the youth!!
So that was probably the highlight of the week!
We also got transfer boards this week and elder Hatch is leaving so
that's kinda sad! But I get to stay so I'm glad about that!
Not a ton else happened this week!
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Elder Caleb Dewald

 June 5
Mālō leleli!
 This week has been pretty good!
It was elder Hatch's birthday on Saturday, that was pretty sweet!!
One of our members had a big BBQ/ birthday party for their kid and they
combined it with elder Hatch's birthday too. So they got him a cake, it
was pretty cool!

 Then later that night we had a super good lesson with
a guy who's been less active! He and his family have been struggling
a lot financially lately and so he's been stressed out. So we
testified to him that reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday
would help him have more peace. We also showed him a Mormon message
Mountains To Climb and he loved it. It really got him. He said he
was really glad we came and that we shared it all with him and that he
needed it. So that was a pretty cool lesson!
To anyone going through a hard time I recommend watching the
Mountains To Climb Mormon message.
Anywhos, On Sunday we had two pretty cool things.  We had one of our
people on date there and we taught her during second hour. It
went great! She is so ready and we are super psyched for her! We are
planning on the baptism this Sunday before church! So that's
super exciting!
The later that night we had the chance to go and give a less active
man's wife (who isn't a member) a blessing because she was about to go
to hospital to give birth. So that was pretty sweet! I always love to
have the chance to be part of blessings!! It's an amazing experience!!
I love you all and I hope you guys had great weeks!!
Talk to y'all later!

Elder Caleb Dewald