Thursday, September 7, 2017

 September 7
I got this text last night!

"Greenie Day for Elder Ferrris who your sweet son is training!!! The whole meal is green and we have an investigator for them to teach."


 September 4

Hey y'all!! This week was good! We met with Chris who is one of our new investigators and it was a way good lesson! We talked about God and who He is and it was just really good! He's a way solid investigator and he's been reading the Book of Mormon quite a bit! So that was good! We also did some service for Brother Watts! We painted a shed blue for him! It was a lot of fun! So that was pretty cool! 

Then later in the week we got a call from president McAteer saying we were loosing our car! So that was pretty crazy! And  to make it even crazier we were loosing it to the Rose City elders they were in an accident and their car got wrecked! Nobody got hurt but they needed another car because they can't bike from one end of Portland to the other- exactly! So I get it but it kinda stunk though! Oh well! We have bikes right now and they aren't too bad! Also it won't matter for very long anyway because we got transfer news on Saturday and I'm going to Kelso in Washington!  I get a car back so I'm not too sad about that! It's crazy to leave after only six weeks! But I'm excited for it! I'll be training as well so that'll be fun!! I'm excited! I had a blast with Elder Robinson and I think it'll be fun to train again! So overall I'm excited for the transfer!  Sad to leave this area so soon! But the Lord needs me somewhere else so that's where I'll go.
Hmm, what else happened this week... oh we had a good lesson with a young family, Chase and Phoenix Wadel! They are this cute young married couple with a 5 month old baby girl named Luna! And we had a great discussion with them about the Book of Mormon and what it teaches! We also had dinner with them on Sunday and it was really good! Got to know them pretty well and had a great time! They are awesome! If something else happened I can't remember it! But that's been my week! 

Spiritual thought time! 

So I was reading in Mark this week and I read Mark 12:41-44 which is the story of the widow's mite, and it stuck out to me a lot! The woman gave two mites which are practically worthless while others gave much much more, yet Jesus said, "Of all she has given the most because she gave all she had!"  And I thought about why that was so important! By doing so she showed God the absolute trust she had in him! She relied on Him though she didn't know what would happen! She knew God would take care of her! So I was thinking about it and that must mean so much to God and the Jesus! They are right there willing and able to help us through anything, and yet a lot of the time I find myself not trusting in them completely! How many people really do? But thinking about it, it means a ton to know someone trusts in you! So why not trust in God and show him love that way! He's never gonna let us down!  So yeah I thought that was a really cool thought! 
Funny spiritual thought! 
Mom this one is for you! 
I was reading in Matthew 24 and I came to verse 25 which says 
25 And behold I have told you before. 
And I was thinking back to the time when as a family we were reading scriptures, well my mom was reading  us kids were making a mess a being crazy kids
But my mom got to this verse and this is how she read it. 
"And behold I have told you before, to shut up!"
-Mary Dewald-
All of us kids stopped and we all burst out laughing it was a good time! But it's been an experience I've shared several time as an example of how reading the scriptures as a family can bless and bring the family closer together! 

Alright I better go now! I love y'all and I hope you have a great week! 

 Here's some pictures of the goat petting zoo we went to as a zone this morning!

August 28

Hey y'all!
This week was pretty good! We did some sweet service for brother Watts
this week! We helped him break up some concrete and move it and get the
spot of ground somewhat ready for some people to come pour concrete! So
that was a ton of fun! We also got to talk to the two guys he had
working for him to do it! And so that was really cool! One of them
even has a friend taking the missionary discussion so that was a cool
We also met a way cool guy named Steve this week! He is a former
investigator the missionaries used to teach! And we've had a few lessons
with him this week! He loves reading the Bible! He's read it about 20
times from cover to cover! And he's going through it again right now
he's in Isaiah and he's loving it! So we are exited to start working
with him and help him get a testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Then Saturday was a fun day! We had two investigators we were supposed
to have lessons with drop us in the morning  but it was okay because
the third one went through and it was a way good lesson! The guy's name
is Chis and he's mid 30's and he has one daughter and is married and
he is way interested in learning more! So that was a good way to balance
out the day! We also found another new investigator that day so it
And another cool part of Saturday was that we got to go back to St.
John's Bay first area to help them find some new investigators! So that
was fun! Didn't get to see any of the people I know though because I
was banished to Hayden Island while I was there! But it was still
cool to be back!
Other than that not a ton else happened this week! But spiritual
thought for a week!
So it would've been really easy to get discouraged on Saturday because
of all the people dropping us or calling us to tell us they weren't
gonna be at church! But something my trainer used to say was that if
everything seems like it's going crappy it's because there is a
miracle right around the corner! So keep working keep trying! And the
miracles will come! So I felt that's how Saturday went! We could've
got discouraged but we kept going and the miracles came! And I think
this applies to everything in life! Pain, discouragement, hardship, it
is all temporary if we rely on Christ and work through it with a good
attitude it will end! If we quiver into the trials or pain and let it
it'll drag us down! So don't let anything stop you! Rely on Christ and                                                  He will help you overcome anything and everything!
Hope y'all have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Caleb Dewald

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 21
Hello there!
This week was pretty good!
On Tuesday we went the family history center with a new member and that was pretty cool! I've honestly never done family history very much before! So this was really cool helping her get everything set up and going and then to help her get her mom's and a few others names ready for her to take to the temple! I enjoyed it a lot and seeing how excited she was was pretty cool! Also there is a feature on the family
tree app where you can find any relatives around you and it'll tell you how you're related and everything! And so I did that with her and we were 15th cousins! So that was kinda neat!
So yeah family history is actually pretty fun!
Then later that day we had a way cool street contact! I think I told you all about how we've started asking everyone "Do you like to read?" because of this cool talk we listened to! But if not I'll forward the talk at the end of this email! But anywhos so we decided to go contact some people on the street after stopping by a part member family and we decided to use that question. The first guy we start talking to is gold. We asked him what he did that day and he said read a book! Me
and Elder Packer (I was on exchanges with another missionary) were like "Whaaaaaaat?" It was waaaay cool! So he is YSA age. And he ended up going to a sports night that they have! So that was cool! Then later in the week we had a good lesson with Kaydence another recent convert!
And we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and gave her a little cut out of the plan that you put together! It was cool! Then yesterday day we found two way cool investigators and a cool family where the mom is a member but no one else in the family is! So hopefully we can start teaching them soon! So yeah just a good week!
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Caleb Dewald

August 14
Hey y'all! This week was really good! We had zone conference on
Wednesday and it was a really good meeting! We talked a lot about how
to talk to people and we got a few new approaches for talking to
people! One is a survey that we use and it's pretty cool. It's just
asking about what people's beliefs in God are and stuff like that. It
leads really well into teaching so that's kinda cool! It was just a
good zone meeting and I learned a ton!
Later in the week we went and did service at the meals on wheels place
again and that was pretty fun!
We also had way good lessons with both of our recent converts this
week! Debi is a nice older lady who has a really good testimony! So we
talked with her about the temple and going and doing baptisms for the
dead and also family history work so she could get her own names. So we
are going to go to the family history center tomorrow with her to get
some names! It should be a blast!
We also had a good lesson/ dinner with Kaydence! She's 9 and a ball of
energy! She's a ton of fun! She's the other recent convert! We taught
her the restoration over two visits, so I guess we had two lessons with
her. But the second one was lesson and dinner and her grandma made some
delicious lasagne!! It was like from scratch! She even made the
noodles!! It was way crazy good! And they had a friend over who wasn't
a member so we got to talk to him about the church a little and kinda
explain what we do. It was cool!
Also this week we found the coolest guy named Arron! Well I guess he
found us. So someone had cancelled an appointment on us. So we were
just trying to figure out what to do and elder Harris had the feeling
to go over to this member to make a visit. We had never met the guy! So
we got there and it was an apartment but we didn't have
the number. So we asked around and no one knew the name of the guy. So
we started to go back to the car when all of a sudden we hear "Hey are
you guys Mormon?"! Arron comes up to us and starts talking about how
he is looking for a church to go to with his kids so he can be a good
example for them and he is way interested in coming to church! Then
his neighbor comes up and starts talking to us too. And she just
started talking about how great the church was and how if she were
looking for a church for her kids she'd pick the Mormon one! It was
way sweet! She basically testified of the church without knowing it!
And she's not a member!... yet!  Also another cool part is that all of
us are from AZ!  So yeah it was way cool! We've had a good lesson
with him so far and he seems way solid! So we are excited about that!
Then on Saturday we got invited to have dinner with some Tongans in
our ward and went over and had some roast pig and crab and a bunch of
food! It was awesome! I've missed Tongan food!
But the coolest part of that is they had two non member family members
there and we got to teach them the restoration and give them a Book of
Mormon to read and to pray about! They live in San Francisco so we
won't be teaching them again probably, but it was cool to teach them!
And one of them even came to church on Sunday! Just a good week!

Spiritual thought!
I'm gonna start doing this again. I was for a little and I kinda
stopped, but I'm gonna start again!
So this week I've been studying charity and it's been really good.A
lot of what I've got from it so far is being able to see people for
who they can be not who they are or were, and then acting on that!
When we have charity we see others as Christ does. We see them for the
potential they have. And then we treat them like that. We let them
know they have all this potential and we know they can do it. And we
don't focus on the negative parts!
It's kinda like Johnny Lingo. If any on you have seen that! Johnny
treats Moana how he sees her and he does everything he can to help her
see that she is a "8 cow woman" and that's what she is to everyone at
the end. Nobody saw it at the beginning except Johnny. But he didn't
look at her like everyone else did. He loved her and saw her for what
she really was. And because he treated her like that eventually
everyone saw it!
So yeah I've just been focusing a lot on seeing everyone around me for
the eternal potential they have. We are all children of God and we all
have infinite potential!
Love you all hope your week was good! Talk to ya later!
Elder Caleb Dewald

 August 7
Hey everyone!
This week was pretty good! Elder Harris and I are starting to get the hang of the area I think!
We got to know a lot more of our investigators this week than last so that's good! Also we did a ton of service!! First we went to a kitchen to help out! It like provides meals for low income older folks in this retirement place so it took me back to my days when I used to do that for work. I used a big commercial dishwasher and served people food!
It was pretty fun! Also it was cool, in the down time we got to talk to the old people and explain what we do! So that was good!

Then later in the week we did district service for a guy in our ward whose wife is really sick so we are doing projects and stuff that needs done so he can spend as much time as possible with his wife before she passes away, so that was cool! We stained a fence and washed a bunch of windows and then elder Harris and I moved 1000 pounds of gravel over behind the fence to finish it off!
This guy that we did the service also gave us nicknames! Elder Harris is Elder Cool and I'm Elder Buff.  It was super funny, the guy got
up to bear his testimony yesterday and thanked all the people who had been helping him and that's what he called us, Elder Cool and Elder
Buff.  He's a cool guy!

Then later in the week we helped a new member who we've been teaching move out of the place she was in into another place! And that went really well! Then yesterday a member we ate with showed us his gun room  I'll
send pictures!
Other than that not a ton else happened! We have a lot more teaching appointments this week which is nice so I'll have more exciting things to share next week! Love y'all! Have a great day!
Elder Caleb Dewald

 July 31
Wazzzz up y'all this week was crazy! So I said good bye to a few
families in the Tongan ward! We made candy lays for one family, the
Ma'ukoloa's and it was super cool! We dropped them off and the kids loved
 I'm gonna miss all the wonderful people in the Tongan ward but the Lord wants me here now so here is where I am! I will be forever grateful for the amazing experiences I had in the Tongan ward though!

So Cherry Park! Cherry Park has been fun!! It's been hard because we
don't really know anyone in the area yet or what has been going on!
But I think we are getting the hang of it a little now! Our ward
mission leader has been a super awesome help! He went all day with us yesterday after church and introduced us to a bunch of people so that was really awesome! He absolutely loves missionary work and so he's a huge help to us since we are brand new and don't know much about the area yet!
 In other news I think I forgot to mention this last week but I'm a district leader this transfer! It was super intimidating at
first and I'm still not sure how I feel about it but I think it's
gonna be good! I had the chance to do a baptismal interview this week
and was just a really good really spiritual experience and I was
terrified for it at first  but it went really well and it was way
fun to go to the guy's baptism and see him make that step! So, yeah that
was really cool!
Something else that's cool is our church building is the oldest LDS
church building in Portland! It was finished in 1929!!

 It's crazy cool! And it's got a ballroom instead of a basketball ball court!! It's a pretty cool church building!! So yeah it was a pretty good week!
Love y'all if you have any questions let me know! Oh and my companion is elder Harris and he's from Gilbert AZ! So that's cool!
Elder Caleb Dewald

July 24
Mālō leleli everyone!
Well this week has been good!
We had a super good sports night on Friday and we had a ton of people
there!!! So that was super cool!
Then on Saturday we went and helped out at a community refugee day! It
was really cool! Our whole zone was there and we just helped them out
keeping everything clean and picking up everything! It was cool to see all the different cultures! There were a bunch of Indian and African people there selling stuff and It was neat to see!
Then later that night we got transfer info and I'm going to a ward called Cherry Park in Portland! I'm pretty sad to leave the rose city ward I've absolutely loved serving with all the Tongan people! They are amazing!  God knows what he's doing though!
On Sunday we wore the full tonga garb!!  Tupenu tāvala and sandals! It was awesome!!! And all of the members loved it they were so happy!
We also had two investigators church so that was pretty sweet! One is a Chuukese guy named Alfred and the other was Kuulei  she's a young Hawaiian lady who has 6 kids and she is awesome! She wants to be baptized! So we are excited for her!
Not a ton else happened this week! Let me know if you ha any questions!

Ofa otu!
Elder Caleb Dewald

                                                   Oh also we got district lava lavas

July 17
Mālō lelei  everyone!
This week has been pretty good!! We have been trying to meet with all
the Chuukese people we found last week but we haven't had a chance to
have a sit down lesson with any of them yet! We did get to go to a
Chuukese birthday party on Friday so that was pretty cool! Although it
hadn't started before we had to leave at 9:00.  It was supposed to
start at 6:00.  I think Chuukese time might be worse than Tongan
time!  So ya we got to meet a bunch of new Chuukese people at the
party that aren't members though so that was cool!
We also had a cool lesson last night with Aj and Nupy
(some of the Chuukese members in our ward) about going to the temple and that was pretty sweet! Aj and a Nupy are freaking hilarious!
Also, Aj taught me so new ways to strum on the ukulele! And some other stuff so that was pretty cool!
Other than that nothing to crazy or exciting happened! At least I
don't remember it
Ofa atu! (Love you)
Toki sio! (See ya later)

July 10
Mālō lelei!!
How's everyone doing this week? This week has been pretty good! On
Thursday we got to go to the temple and that was a great experience as
always!! It's like the best spiritual recharge ever!! I wish I could
go more! Everyone who can, go to the temple!

 It's the best!Anywhos so yeah that was cool!! Then later that day we had a sweet lesson with a Chuukese guy we started teaching named Enter! He is 60! And no, his wife's name isn't Exit  her name is Yana and hey are both
super cool! They don't speak English super crazy well but they seem to understand and they enjoy the messages we share! Also they absolutely love when we bring a pamphlet or the Book of Mormon in their language!!! It's awesome! Also later in the week we stopped by just to say hi and talk to Enter, and as were leaving we said good bye in Chuukese and his son like freaked out he's like "Whaaaaat??? How do you guys know that?"
 And so elder Wilde said "God just told us right now."  It was super funny!  Chuukese people are really funny!
We've found a ton of them this week! We have 2 new investigators who are Chuukese and another one who might be a new investigator this week! So that's kinda crazy!! Also we met a bunch of Samoan people too!! And some of them were interested so we are going back to teach them too! Just a good week for finding new people to teach!! Sunday was kinda weird this week! The power was out so we only had 1 hour of church! Then as everyone left,  the lights turned back on! I've never seen a church building clear that fast!  It was cool though. Sunday is like the
best day to catch people at home. So we got to talk to a bunch of
people that day!! It was sweet! Other an that nothing to crazy
happened! Hope you all are having  good weeks! Talk to you next week!
Ofa atu!!
Elder Caleb Dewald
PS We went to a place called voodoo doughnut. It's something Portland is known for I guess!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

 July 4, 2017

 So you guys are probably confused why I'm emailing today.
President changed our p-day from Monday to Tuesday for the holiday!!
So hello a day late!!

This week was super good we had a few great lessons with Helen and then on Sunday was her baptism!! It was awesome!! It was a great baptism and she got up a bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and it was awesome!!

Later on Sunday we had dinner with some members and they invited their neighbor over and we had dinner and then shared a message with them and it was awesome!! Her name was Beverly and we are hoping to be able to share more with her soon!

Also we had this.. small pizza for dinner the other night  it was crazy!!

Also here are some more of the members we had dinner with last night! Hope you all have had a great week if you have any questions
let me know!
Ofa otu!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

 June 19

  Mālō lelei everyone!!!
This week has been good!! Got a new companion on Wednesday! Elder
Hatch is over in a different ward now! My new companion's name is Elder Wilde! And he is the tech guy for the mission so that's kinda cool!
Mostly it just means he gets a bunch of calls  from people whose IPads
aren't working.
He is a cool guy! We are excited to try and get some more work
done in the Rose City!
We had a pretty cool miracle this week. So we had a General Authority
come to the mission a few weeks ago and talk to us on how to be
successful as missionaries! He talked a lot about working with members! So we've been trying to work with them a lot this week! And a member named Sister Fanguna who we invited to pray for missionary opportunities on Wednesday called us on Saturday to tell us she has a Fijian family for us to teach!! So that was pretty awesome!! It's so much better to work with members to help them invite people to
teach! It works really well!! So yeah we are excited to see how that goes!!
Another cool thing we went to the graduation of Shaianne and Joe
(Shaianne's boyfriend who baptized her) and it was pretty awesome!
Tongans go all out!!! 
Also exciting, Shaianne had the chance to go do baptisms for the dead on Saturday with the youth!  So that was pretty awesome!! We also wanted to go but we couldn't get a ride!
Other than that our week has been pretty chill not to much exciting happened!
I love you all and I hope you all have a good week!
Oh and I'd like to leave you all with an invitation! Pray for
missionary opportunities this week and then look for them! If you do
God will bless you with them!
Bye y'all! Ofa otu
Elder Caleb Dewald

(Caleb sent the picture of the graduation but the pictures of him with his new companion were sent to me by families who fed him. They really love him and are taking awesome care of him!)

 June 12
Mōlō leleli!!
This week was pretty awesome!
We had an awesome baptism on Sunday!!!  I'll try and send as many
pictures of that as I can! (I am still waiting for the pictures. I will post them when I get them.)
Shaianne is the name of the investigator who got baptized! She was
super excited! She even came to a baptism for some other elders in our
zone the day before hers! Then after she got baptized she got up and
bore her testimony and it was very powerful!! It was just a really
great time! And now this week she is going to do baptisms for the dead
with all the youth!!
So that was probably the highlight of the week!
We also got transfer boards this week and elder Hatch is leaving so
that's kinda sad! But I get to stay so I'm glad about that!
Not a ton else happened this week!
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Elder Caleb Dewald

 June 5
Mālō leleli!
 This week has been pretty good!
It was elder Hatch's birthday on Saturday, that was pretty sweet!!
One of our members had a big BBQ/ birthday party for their kid and they
combined it with elder Hatch's birthday too. So they got him a cake, it
was pretty cool!

 Then later that night we had a super good lesson with
a guy who's been less active! He and his family have been struggling
a lot financially lately and so he's been stressed out. So we
testified to him that reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday
would help him have more peace. We also showed him a Mormon message
Mountains To Climb and he loved it. It really got him. He said he
was really glad we came and that we shared it all with him and that he
needed it. So that was a pretty cool lesson!
To anyone going through a hard time I recommend watching the
Mountains To Climb Mormon message.
Anywhos, On Sunday we had two pretty cool things.  We had one of our
people on date there and we taught her during second hour. It
went great! She is so ready and we are super psyched for her! We are
planning on the baptism this Sunday before church! So that's
super exciting!
The later that night we had the chance to go and give a less active
man's wife (who isn't a member) a blessing because she was about to go
to hospital to give birth. So that was pretty sweet! I always love to
have the chance to be part of blessings!! It's an amazing experience!!
I love you all and I hope you guys had great weeks!!
Talk to y'all later!

Elder Caleb Dewald

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

This week was kinda crazy!
It was pretty normal for us but the whole week everyone else was in an uproar preparing for a wedding! There was a huge Tongan wedding this week and it was like an all week event for the family!! 
Starting on Friday there was a dance (I'll send picture of that in this email!)  it was freaking crazy they had more speakers than the Mother's Day party! 
So that was pretty cool!        

 And I don't know if I've told you all about Tongan time but it's like Mormon time on steroids. The dance was supposed to start at 6:00. We got there and it was still pretty empty so if a Tongan party starts at 5 it really starts at 6:20 to 7:00!  So we stopped by the dance but didn't stay for long. The next day was the wedding reception!

 We got there at 3:00 it started at 4:00 but it was super cool! There were a ton of traditional things and they even had a cava ceremony! Ask a Tongan I don't really know how to explain that one. All I know is that is has to do with the girl being pure and so it was pretty cool!  But during it they brought in a full size freaking pig!! The thing was freaking huge!!!

 It was really cool and everyone was in traditional garb too. The people who pay for the wedding- I can't remember what they are called- but it's like the uncle of the girl and the aunt of the guy- I think. They had on these huge robes like crazy long dragged behind them for like 15- 20 feet! They were pretty cool! It was just a really cool wedding and I'm forgetting a ton! Hopefully some of the pictures and videos will help!! Oh also we missed it but at part of the dance people threw money while the newlyweds dance and it's crazy!! I'm trying to find a video of it but I haven't yet! I got one when they did a little bit! The money goes to the couple! Also they aren't 1's, it's like 20's and 100's! 
Then the next day everyone was at church and it was like a Stake Conference not a normal meeting! After church they had another huge eat and I got a pig head again! This week was just super crazy!! 
So on a non- wedding note, we had a miracle find last night! So after the eat we went and stopped by like freaking everyone  we teach or are supposed to try and teach and nobody was home! And we cover a huge area so we were doing a ton of driving!! But nobody answered till the last person we tried at 8:30! And at first we were disappointed because the person we were looking for wasn't there! But then her cousin who answered the door said he had always wondered what we teach and he wants to learn more!! So late night find after a ton of driving and nobody being home was a great way to end the night!! 
Here is a sweet scripture from my personal study,
Matt 27:23-24 
23 And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.
24 When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.
And here is what I thought about it! 
Never give into the fear of the crowd. 
Don't let others influence you to do something you know is wrong just because it might be unpleasant if you don't. 
Always pick the harder right over the easier wrong! Always! 
 Love you y'all!! Hope you have a great week!!! 
 Elder Caleb Dewald

May 22, 2017

Mālō lelei everyone!! 
This week has been really good!! Not a ton happened but we had a pretty cool miracle! So we were out on Tuesday trying to stop by some people and we weren't having any luck! But as we walked down from a house a guy named Anthony came up to us and starts talking to us and asked us if we could teach him!!! So that was pretty awesome!! But he was in a rush because he had to go so we gave him out number and we got his major cross streets! But he didn't text or call the next day so we decided to go try and find him, and after following the spirit for 10 min we found his exact apartment and he happened to be home because he'd been in a car accident earlier that day otherwise he would've been at work! God doesn't do random as B Rauch would say!! So that was pretty sweet!! 
Other than that not much else happened! 
Here are some awesome scriptures from my personal study this week and some things I thought about them! 
Matthew 25 is really cool!!  It's three parables and they are all super good! So the last parable is the parable of the sheep and the goats and this is a note I took while I was reading it! "Christ felt everything we have ever felt or ever will feel when He was preforming the atonement. 
This verse talks about that. Normally when we think of the atonement, at least for me we think of the pain he felt for each of us. But in this verse he talks about how he felt the kindness, charity and compassion we have on others too. He suffered the same pain as the starving man and then also felt the same relief as someone reached out and fed that person. 
Every act of kindness no matter how small, the Savior experienced that. The relief people feel from any of those experiences He also felt on a very personal level and in a very personal way. 
Never pass up the chance to serve someone because if you do you are simply passing up the chance to serve your savior. It's as simple as that. Show Him Love through others." 
Yeah this scripture just changed the way I thought about service. Like I knew serving others was serving God. But this just kinda explained why that is  to me and how much it means!  
Hope you all have a great week! 
Love y'all!  
Oh hey I almost forgot!!!! I had horse this week !! It was super good!! Those are plantations in there with it!
Elder Caleb Dewald                                       

Sunday, May 21, 2017

 May 15, 2017
 Mālō lelei y'all!!
This week was super cool! We had a Tongan birthday party on Saturday because it was our dinner so we went to that and it was crazy!!! They had 20 roasted pigs!! Which by the way is super good!! I even got to eat the brain so that was exciting!  I'll send a picture of what they put on my plate for me to eat! The birthday party was for a 1 year old
cause I guess that's a really important birthday in Tongan culture!
And some of the siblings drove the little girl in in a little
carriage! A freaking remote control carriage!! It was sweet!! 

And there was a bunch of different Tongan and Samoan dances and stuff. It was bomb!!
Then yesterday we had another huge dinner with a family in the ward for Mother's Day!! And we had pig again!! It was really good! So I've been eating a ton a sweet food this week! And I'm excited to try more interesting and delicious things!
One of our investigators who is on date for baptism was at church and she had a really good time! I just met her and so I don't know her well, but I guess she was talking to the mom of her boyfriend ( who's
a member in our ward) and she said she wants to go on a mission so that is pretty sweet! We are excited for the people we are teaching they are all really great and ready for he gospel!!
Other than that not much else happened this week!
I love y'all!! Let me know if any of y'all have questions!!

May 8, 2017
Mālō lelei ( that's Tongan for hello)  y'all!!
This week has been bomb!! It was hard to leave all of my friends that I
made in St. John's but I still cover that area too so hopefully I'll
see them around! Shout out to B Rauch!!
 I'm in the rose city ward the Tongan ward and it's a blast!!! I've already had some pretty awesome Tongan food and I'm loving the people they are super loving and the members are super missionary minded so they are helping us find a bunch of cool investigators!! So that's sweet and super helpful!! We
also have some bomb investigators who are super solid! We taught one
at church and she is dating one of the members and her mom told her before she came that if she went (to church) not to come home.. and
she came anyway! That is a lot of faith and dedication and it was
amazing! We had a good lesson with her during the second hour of
church and we talked about that and the plan of salvation and
it was super cool! Our ward mission leader had the same thing happen
with his family when he joined the church. So he just testified to her
that it would bring more happiness in the long run and even though her
family didn't accept it she was doing the right thing by setting an
example for them! It was awesome and super spiritual!!! Also church
was awesome!!! We sang all the hymns in Tongan and the whole thing was
in Tongan!! I loved singing in Tongan though it brought a powerful
I'm gonna have to learn more Tongan though!!  I'm looking forward to it
Other than that I'm just being stuffed full of food everywhere I go!
All the Tongan people want to feed us (and not a little- a ton) and
help us! They are so loving and it's a really humbling experience!
They also have a tone of faith! It's just awesome!!
Oh, also I got to drive today!!! I've missed it so much!  I'm
looking forward to driving a lot more now!!
I can't think of much else right now and I have to get going. Love you
all!! Hope everyone has a great week!!
Talk to y'all later!!
Also I've been reading the New Testament and I really loved Matthew
16!! It was super good!

Elder Caleb Dewald

May1, 2017

Hey y'all!!! This week was pretty good!!  We did a bunch of service!!!! We helped someone clean out there back yard and up a bunch of junk from inside the house! 
And also from their secret hole in the side of the house that is called the dirt side of the basement! 
 It was crazy but fun! We also helped someone move! And at was pretty cool they had this house that was 125 years old!!! It was pretty crazy!!
Also we had a sweet lesson with Mary this week and gave her a blessing a she is doing a 
It better! 
We also had a great lesson with our other investigators Christine and Jordan!! It's been a good spiritual week!  
Transfers came on this week and I'm going to the Rose City Tongan ward!!  I'm super excited to serve there!! Here are some great talks I read this week!! 
According to the "Desire of [Our] Hearts”, "The Greatest among You"
 Sorry it's short this week but I gotta go! Tell ya more next week!  
Love y'all!!
Elder Caleb Dewald

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 April 24
 Hey everyone!!
This week has been pretty crazy!!
We haven't been able to meet with Angelina this week.  We did have
dinner with her at her grandmas house! The housing situation with her
family is going crazy right now so we are really worried about that
but we're pray for the best and trusting  in God! He knows what he's
We also helped a new potential investigator move this week and it went
really good! One of the members was bringing up crazy deep gospel topics
at lunch.
 Later that day we went and did a "music blitz." A blitz
is where a bunch of missionaries go to one area and try and get a
bunch of people for the people to teach. So we did something like
that but we did it at a park and we were singing as a group. A few
elders were going around and teaching people! It was pretty fun!
We also had water leaking through our ceiling onto our kitchen table
this week so that was fun.  Our washer started leaking while we
were gone and when we got back it was leaking through the ceiling
 but it wasn't too bad so we are good! Other than that not to much
happened this week! Love you all! Talk to you later!!  Oh also we
found a secret hole in our apartment closet so that's pretty cool!! We
found a pogo stick in there

April 17
 Hey y'all!!!
How's everyone doing this week?
This week has been good!! We had a super cool miracle!!!
Last week we gave Niki one of our new investigators a blessing. She's
had cancer before and she just got more again a few months ago. So
she heard about blessing and she asked for one! So we gave her one!
Anywhos she texted us on Tuesday and she just got back from the
doctors and the cancer was completely gone!! She was healed and she
believes it was the blessing. So we are super excited to meet with her
again!! She is awesome!
In other news we had a cool lesson with Angelina and it was super
good! She decided to change her date because she didn't feel like it
was the right date but she is still super excited to get baptized so
that's exciting!!
Oh and we also went on a Spanish blitz this week too!! So we went to a
place where there a bunch of Spanish people we're and tried to get some new
investigators for the Spanish sisters it was fun! Elder Robinson and I
didn't understand what people were saying at all  but we got a few
people and it was fun!
We also helped cut a ton of wood for a lady in our ward this week!!
It was a crazy amount!!
Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Caleb Dewald

April 10 
Sup peeps
How y'all doing??
This week was pretty good! We followed up general Conference with a
mission Conference is Wednesday and it was super good! We learned a
ton and it was really good! Then we had a district meeting the next
day and the Spanish sisters taught us how to talk to and get a
referral from someone who speaks Spanish and it was super fun!

We are gonna go and blitz an area this next week and try and get a bunch of people for the Spanish to teach! It's gonna be bomb!! Even if Elder Robinson and I can't speak Spanish well at all  it'll be good! We also had a really good lesson with Mary and also one with Angelina.
They both went really well and we are super excited for Angelina! Her baptism is in less than two weeks!! It's coming up super fast!
We also got a really cool new investigator! She lives with Presley's
(the little girl who got baptized right before I got here) family and
she is super ready for the gospel! We had a super cool lesson with her
on Friday! Then on Saturday we had an awesome exchange with the
District lead and it was super cool I went to the area that wasn't
mine with him and we had a really good day! We had the chance to go to
a hospital and give a little girl and her family blessings! Her family
are new members and they just found out that there little girl has
cancer in her stomach. They are awesome they have so much faith!! And
it was cool because in every blessing we gave we felt impressed to
tell them she would heal or be okay and it was awesome!! Super cool
Not a ton else happened!
Love y'all


April 3
Hey y'all!!!
This week has been pretty good!
We had a lesson with Kayla who we haven't met with for a while
because she's been busy! But we had a bomb lesson with her and taught
the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was just really awesome! She's super
excited to be baptized still!! She also watched some of Conference
this week so that was pretty cool!!
We also had a bomb lesson with Angelina and her mom Mary and then on
Friday we had another lesson at the temple and it was great they both
felt the spirit really strong! And they were excited about someday
being able to be together forever! It was a really great time and then
we went over and watched a session of Conference with them and it was
awesome Angelina is so mature for being ten! she was sitting and
listening to Conference and actually listening! She really liked it
She is awesome!!
We also went back over to sister banks house to do service and play
with her dog and I got some pictures! He's huge
Conference was awesome!!! I really loved the talks by Renlund and
Uchtdorf they were both really good! Hope you all had a great week and
if you didn't get to watch conference watch it was bomb!!!
Love y'all

Elder Caleb Dewald