Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 April 24
 Hey everyone!!
This week has been pretty crazy!!
We haven't been able to meet with Angelina this week.  We did have
dinner with her at her grandmas house! The housing situation with her
family is going crazy right now so we are really worried about that
but we're pray for the best and trusting  in God! He knows what he's
We also helped a new potential investigator move this week and it went
really good! One of the members was bringing up crazy deep gospel topics
at lunch.
 Later that day we went and did a "music blitz." A blitz
is where a bunch of missionaries go to one area and try and get a
bunch of people for the people to teach. So we did something like
that but we did it at a park and we were singing as a group. A few
elders were going around and teaching people! It was pretty fun!
We also had water leaking through our ceiling onto our kitchen table
this week so that was fun.  Our washer started leaking while we
were gone and when we got back it was leaking through the ceiling
 but it wasn't too bad so we are good! Other than that not to much
happened this week! Love you all! Talk to you later!!  Oh also we
found a secret hole in our apartment closet so that's pretty cool!! We
found a pogo stick in there

April 17
 Hey y'all!!!
How's everyone doing this week?
This week has been good!! We had a super cool miracle!!!
Last week we gave Niki one of our new investigators a blessing. She's
had cancer before and she just got more again a few months ago. So
she heard about blessing and she asked for one! So we gave her one!
Anywhos she texted us on Tuesday and she just got back from the
doctors and the cancer was completely gone!! She was healed and she
believes it was the blessing. So we are super excited to meet with her
again!! She is awesome!
In other news we had a cool lesson with Angelina and it was super
good! She decided to change her date because she didn't feel like it
was the right date but she is still super excited to get baptized so
that's exciting!!
Oh and we also went on a Spanish blitz this week too!! So we went to a
place where there a bunch of Spanish people we're and tried to get some new
investigators for the Spanish sisters it was fun! Elder Robinson and I
didn't understand what people were saying at all  but we got a few
people and it was fun!
We also helped cut a ton of wood for a lady in our ward this week!!
It was a crazy amount!!
Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Caleb Dewald

April 10 
Sup peeps
How y'all doing??
This week was pretty good! We followed up general Conference with a
mission Conference is Wednesday and it was super good! We learned a
ton and it was really good! Then we had a district meeting the next
day and the Spanish sisters taught us how to talk to and get a
referral from someone who speaks Spanish and it was super fun!

We are gonna go and blitz an area this next week and try and get a bunch of people for the Spanish to teach! It's gonna be bomb!! Even if Elder Robinson and I can't speak Spanish well at all  it'll be good! We also had a really good lesson with Mary and also one with Angelina.
They both went really well and we are super excited for Angelina! Her baptism is in less than two weeks!! It's coming up super fast!
We also got a really cool new investigator! She lives with Presley's
(the little girl who got baptized right before I got here) family and
she is super ready for the gospel! We had a super cool lesson with her
on Friday! Then on Saturday we had an awesome exchange with the
District lead and it was super cool I went to the area that wasn't
mine with him and we had a really good day! We had the chance to go to
a hospital and give a little girl and her family blessings! Her family
are new members and they just found out that there little girl has
cancer in her stomach. They are awesome they have so much faith!! And
it was cool because in every blessing we gave we felt impressed to
tell them she would heal or be okay and it was awesome!! Super cool
Not a ton else happened!
Love y'all


April 3
Hey y'all!!!
This week has been pretty good!
We had a lesson with Kayla who we haven't met with for a while
because she's been busy! But we had a bomb lesson with her and taught
the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was just really awesome! She's super
excited to be baptized still!! She also watched some of Conference
this week so that was pretty cool!!
We also had a bomb lesson with Angelina and her mom Mary and then on
Friday we had another lesson at the temple and it was great they both
felt the spirit really strong! And they were excited about someday
being able to be together forever! It was a really great time and then
we went over and watched a session of Conference with them and it was
awesome Angelina is so mature for being ten! she was sitting and
listening to Conference and actually listening! She really liked it
She is awesome!!
We also went back over to sister banks house to do service and play
with her dog and I got some pictures! He's huge
Conference was awesome!!! I really loved the talks by Renlund and
Uchtdorf they were both really good! Hope you all had a great week and
if you didn't get to watch conference watch it was bomb!!!
Love y'all

Elder Caleb Dewald

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