Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 27, 2017
 Hey yaaaaaall!! 
This week has been pretty good we had a killer lesson with Angelina our investigator who is on date! And what made it better her Mom (Mary one of our investigators who was on date and dropped) was there and she participated in the lesson and it was awesome!! We got Angelina a little pot of flowers that were just starting to grow and compared it to faith and just had a super good lesson! We are also taking a trip to the temple this Friday with Angelina and Mary and when we brought it up Mary said she was stoked to go! And then Angelina was like " I've never heard my mom say stoked before" so we are stoked for that!!! 
We also contacted Kayla who we haven't been able to for a little and we have a lesson with her this week so we are excited for that!! 
Oh and we had transfers this week! I'm staying for another 6 weeks in St. John's! So I'm excited for that!!  We are getting a lot of potential now and we are excited to start teaching some more people!!

 Other than that this week we did some more painting for some members and did a ton of finding! 
Oh and today is B Rauch's. birthday!!! We went out with him today! We also went to the Adidas employee store and took some sweet pictures with him!!

Elder Caleb Dewald

Friday, March 24, 2017

  Mar 20, 2017
 Hey ya peeps! Whaaaaaaazzza up??
 This week has been really good! We had a great lesson with our new
 investigator Angelina and she is now on date for baptism for April
 22nd!  So that's pretty awesome! She also needed a blessing that night
 because she was feeling sick, so we gave her one and it was awesome!
 Brief background she is Mary one of our other investigators' daughter
 and her and her mom are living with Sister Beard one of our members.
 And Sister Beard's son is married to Mary. So then the next day we went
 over to give Mario, Sister Beard's son a blessing because he is
 struggling with a lot right now! And so I had the chance to give that
 and it was crazy the spirit was really strong! It was an awesome
 experience! And then Angelina told us that the night before when we
 were giving her the blessing she felt this peace and warmth and she
 knows it was the spirit! It was awesome!! And now Mary who had
 stopped meeting with us for a little because she was having a hard time
 is coming on a temple trip with her daughter and we are super excited
 for the whole family!! They are awesome!!
 Other than that we had and awesome lesson with Jacob and his
 girlfriend Jenny who is investigating and she said if she came to know
 what we were sharing with her was true she'd be baptized! So that was
 an exciting moment!
 We also helped this lady in our ward move. Her name is Linda Rico and
 she is kinda like an art collector  so we helped her and her son
 clean out her apartment and she had all these paintings that were worth
 a ton of money and vases and different kinds of art.  It took us like
 all day to do the move though because we had to pack a ton of stuff!
 She had like ten boxes when we got there and we filled at least 25
 more. But it was a lot of fun and she is a really funny lady so
 it was good!
 Not much else happened this week!
 Love y'all!!
 Talk to you later!!
 Elder Caleb Dewald
extreme training

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 13

Hey y'all!! What's up!?!?
This week has been pretty sweet! We got a new investigator and she is
awesome!! Her name is Angelina and she's Mary one of our other
investigators daughter! She is awesome! She wants to be baptized so
bad she's been going to church with her grandma for a while and she
even came last week by herself! She also has the first article of faith memorized
so she is on fire! I'm super excited for her!
So Mary, her mom was on date but she dropped us for a little
because she has some people in her life that are kinda pulling her
away and so she wasn't meeting with us! But we met with her about her
daughter and she is super supportive! I think she wants to meet with
us and we are hoping she will see the happiness it's bringing her daughter
and want to change because of it! Also we are gonna try and take the
family to the temple and I think that'll help a lot!!  It's awesome!!
So that's exciting!
It's been a pretty good week! We also had a pretty cool miracle
yesterday! We were gonna go to a lesson with someone we normally visit
on Sunday's but we prayed and we didn't feel like we should so we looked
at our area map and we saw a name that stuck out so we went there
instead and this young boy who was just baptized by the Tongan elders
because he had friends in that ward was there and he was wanting to
come to church at our ward but he didn't have a ride! So we are gonna
set that up! He also has a sister and a mom that aren't members and he
said we could come back and teach them so that was awesome! The Lord
really guided us a ton and it was super awesome.
It's awesome when the spirit leads us around like that!
It's been a great week love y'all!

Elder Caleb Dewald

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 6

Hey yaaall!! This week has been pretty good! We haven't been able to
meet with our on date people but we found a few new investigators this
week and we just started teaching them! Not a ton happened for gospel
this week but we got around and found some new areas to look for
people in!


We went out to Sauvies island this week which is in our
area! It's like a bunch of farm houses and big houses with a lot of
land so it was pretty cool! There was this Asian style house
that we got some pictures of and it was pretty cool!

 Also we did a ton of service this week for some of our less actives members! So that was fun! We painted for one and we cleaned up and played with a dog for
another! Her dog was huge!!!!! He was Alaskan Malamute and he was like 125lbs!! He weighs more than elder Robinson. It was pretty fun! I'll get a picture of him next time we go over so you guys can see him! I have some pictures from painting that I'll send.

Elder Caleb Dewald

Feb 27

Hey everyone!!  This week has been pretty good! We had Zone conference
on my Birthday so that was pretty awesome!
We also met this super awesome lady named Linda Rico who is a less
active lady in our ward. [She] is like super funny and she told us her
whole life's story then she said she might come to church and we were
like "You definitely should"  and she came on Sunday!!!!   It was
Also there is this really awesome lady named Rose in the ward who is
like super diligent in coming no matter what. She told us when we
went to talk to her that she wasn't planning on going that morning
because she didn't have a ride and she was sick but then a ride showed
up and she was like, God wants me to go, so she came! She is a great
example of faith!! It was a cool testimony to me and it helped
strengthen my faith!
 Also I went on an exchange and with elder Hall (an elder that came out the same time I did! He's a Spanish elder so I was a Spanish elder for the day) and it was super fun! We were driving around trying to have lessons but nobody was there and so we did some knocking in these apartments and right next to it there were these guys playing basketball, and elder Hall is super good, like going-to- college good and so we went up to them and he challenged a guy to one on one for ten minutes for us to share our message and he totally beat the guy and we gave a Book of Mormon to one of his friends It was awesome! I'll send the video it's not great but it's still cool! It's been a good week!
 Oh also we arm wrestled the family who we had dinner with last night  so I'll send those too!
Elder Caleb Dewald
[I did not receive the video of Elder Hall playing basketball and I am having trouble posting the other videos. I will put them on when I figure it out.]