Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 13

Hey y'all!! What's up!?!?
This week has been pretty sweet! We got a new investigator and she is
awesome!! Her name is Angelina and she's Mary one of our other
investigators daughter! She is awesome! She wants to be baptized so
bad she's been going to church with her grandma for a while and she
even came last week by herself! She also has the first article of faith memorized
so she is on fire! I'm super excited for her!
So Mary, her mom was on date but she dropped us for a little
because she has some people in her life that are kinda pulling her
away and so she wasn't meeting with us! But we met with her about her
daughter and she is super supportive! I think she wants to meet with
us and we are hoping she will see the happiness it's bringing her daughter
and want to change because of it! Also we are gonna try and take the
family to the temple and I think that'll help a lot!!  It's awesome!!
So that's exciting!
It's been a pretty good week! We also had a pretty cool miracle
yesterday! We were gonna go to a lesson with someone we normally visit
on Sunday's but we prayed and we didn't feel like we should so we looked
at our area map and we saw a name that stuck out so we went there
instead and this young boy who was just baptized by the Tongan elders
because he had friends in that ward was there and he was wanting to
come to church at our ward but he didn't have a ride! So we are gonna
set that up! He also has a sister and a mom that aren't members and he
said we could come back and teach them so that was awesome! The Lord
really guided us a ton and it was super awesome.
It's awesome when the spirit leads us around like that!
It's been a great week love y'all!

Elder Caleb Dewald

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