Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 6

Hey yaaall!! This week has been pretty good! We haven't been able to
meet with our on date people but we found a few new investigators this
week and we just started teaching them! Not a ton happened for gospel
this week but we got around and found some new areas to look for
people in!


We went out to Sauvies island this week which is in our
area! It's like a bunch of farm houses and big houses with a lot of
land so it was pretty cool! There was this Asian style house
that we got some pictures of and it was pretty cool!

 Also we did a ton of service this week for some of our less actives members! So that was fun! We painted for one and we cleaned up and played with a dog for
another! Her dog was huge!!!!! He was Alaskan Malamute and he was like 125lbs!! He weighs more than elder Robinson. It was pretty fun! I'll get a picture of him next time we go over so you guys can see him! I have some pictures from painting that I'll send.

Elder Caleb Dewald

Feb 27

Hey everyone!!  This week has been pretty good! We had Zone conference
on my Birthday so that was pretty awesome!
We also met this super awesome lady named Linda Rico who is a less
active lady in our ward. [She] is like super funny and she told us her
whole life's story then she said she might come to church and we were
like "You definitely should"  and she came on Sunday!!!!   It was
Also there is this really awesome lady named Rose in the ward who is
like super diligent in coming no matter what. She told us when we
went to talk to her that she wasn't planning on going that morning
because she didn't have a ride and she was sick but then a ride showed
up and she was like, God wants me to go, so she came! She is a great
example of faith!! It was a cool testimony to me and it helped
strengthen my faith!
 Also I went on an exchange and with elder Hall (an elder that came out the same time I did! He's a Spanish elder so I was a Spanish elder for the day) and it was super fun! We were driving around trying to have lessons but nobody was there and so we did some knocking in these apartments and right next to it there were these guys playing basketball, and elder Hall is super good, like going-to- college good and so we went up to them and he challenged a guy to one on one for ten minutes for us to share our message and he totally beat the guy and we gave a Book of Mormon to one of his friends It was awesome! I'll send the video it's not great but it's still cool! It's been a good week!
 Oh also we arm wrestled the family who we had dinner with last night  so I'll send those too!
Elder Caleb Dewald
[I did not receive the video of Elder Hall playing basketball and I am having trouble posting the other videos. I will put them on when I figure it out.]

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