Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hey y'all!! Waazzz up??? This week was good! We had trainer trainee
meeting this week and it was good! Weird being the trainer though
but it was cool getting to learn it all again!

Later this week on Thursday we had like three miracles in a row
because we followed the spirit when we felt like we should go
somewhere else other than  we had planned! So that was awesome!!
First some guy drove by us right as we were about to cross the street
and came back and asked for the Spanish missionaries number so we gave
it to him and he is a new investigator for them so that was pretty
sweet! Then we had an awesome lesson with this lady but before we
could set a return appointment someone like yanked her into the house
and yelled at us to go away! But we gave her a BoM so that's good! And
then just like 5min later we were walking along and another guy came
up to us asked for a Book of Mormon and gave us his info and said to
come over! It was crazy!! The Lord really guides us when we seek it
and pray for it!
Oh also we started asking people to pray for us to find people to
teach and it's been working like crazy we've had a bunch of solid
people who we met this week come up to us and two new investigators so
that's bomb!!
The Lord has just blessed us a ton is week!
Oh and one more cool story we were supposed to have a lesson with one
of our people who is on date and she wasn't there but when we stopped
by her cigarettes were on the porch and we both felt like we should so
we stole them  God knows what he's doing! It was just a really good
week! Here are some pictures!

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