Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hey everyone!! This week was good! Crazy busy though!! Let's see, so
this was my last week at the MTC. My district's too! So on Sunday we
sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer in Sacrament meeting as a district and
that was really cool! The spirit was super strong! And later on Sunday
I watched The Character of Christ devotional by Elder Bednar again!!
And it was crazy spiritual!! It's such a good talk!
 He tells this story about a mother whose daughter is in a car accident with two
friends.  She (the mother) is on the phone with Elder Bednar who is her Stake President             asking if he can go to the hospital to identify the girls.
She then finds out that her daughter has died and she is worried about
the other mothers and letting them know that their daughters are on
the way to the hospital. Then later this same woman is worried about Elder Bednar and how he was affected by seeing her daughter and asks if he is alright. Then the day of her daughter's funeral this woman gets a call from some lady in the ward who is sick and hasn't gotten a meal from the ward yet ( the woman was the Relief Society President) and the sick lady not knowing about her daughter then chews her out and the Relief Society President- this crazy strong woman- takes a meal to that (sick) woman on the way to her daughter's funeral.
So basically he ends up saying that this is the character of Christ! To at our
hardest times turn out instead of in. It was such a good talk!! I haven't even scratched the surface of it!! It's so good!

 Anywhos so yeah.  Sunday was good! Then Monday was a really good last day at the MTC!        Both my teachers Brother Rogers and Brother Aston had great lessons!!
I learned a ton from them! Saying goodbye to everyone in my district
that wasn't going to Washington was sad but they are all gonna be
great missionaries! So I'm excited for them! So Tuesday we got up at
3:00am to leave and we took a bus and two different trains to the
airport.  The flight to Washington was good!

 And when we got to the airport President McAteer and his wife were waiting for us!                    They are such nice, happy people!! They gave everyone hugs and were super happy
the whole time!  It was cool! And then we went to the mission home and
had a bunch of meetings that we got all our info and iPads at.  Then
we went out and tried to place some Book of Mormons and that was cool!
Then we had dinner at the mission home!

The next day we got our assignments and I'm in the Portland Stake in Saint Johns area! My companion Is Elder Barton! He is a really cool guy!! He's been out 17
months and he's helped me a lot already!  Also there is this awesome
guy in out ward who we call B-Rauch! He is such a good guy!! He's 77
and he goes out with us like every single day!! He drives us all over the area because it's a
biking and walking area and he is he sweetest old guy of all time!!

So anywhos I've just been working since I got here and we are teaching a
lot of people! Last night we went to the Portland temple with one of
our investigators her name is Sammy and she has a cute little 4 year
old named Kaylee! It was a really good lesson! At the end she
committed to work towards being baptized on the 7th of January!!! It
was awesome  also the Portland temple is gorgeous!! So that's most
of the stuff from my week! Let me know if you guys have any questions!
Love you all!

Elder Caleb Dewald


  1. Super awesome! Sounds like he's doing good great! Send lots of love his way!

  2. You have had a teacher named Brother Aston at the MTC? �� You can't seem to get away from us Aston's! I'm glad things are going well! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    S. Aston Family