Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 28, 2016

Hey yo everyone! This week has been pretty good! We taught a young
girl named Presley who is about 11 last Monday night and she is really funny
and super sassy.
 We had a training meeting on Tuesday and it was
really good! Everyone talked a lot about how important it was to have
the spirit and work hard it was really good! Later we taught a less
active man, Brother White and he's a really cool guy! Then on Wednesday we taught this awesome investigator named Kayla  and the lesson went really well. We taught about the plan of salvation and she understood everything! She's getting baptized on Christmas Eve so
that's awesome.
We also taught this young boy and his name is Lopaka! Who, fun fact, is also getting baptized on Christmas Eve which is pretty awesome! He is so fun to teach! And he says the funniest things!         Like he was talking to Elder Barton about Pokémon ( He LOVES Pokémon) and they were talking about what the strongest move was and Elder Barton was like "well my Pokémon would use ( I'm not sure exactly what he said but insert move here) and then Lopaka, who we just taught the plan of salvation to and who was holding one of those Jesus passalong cards was like " Oh yeah? Jesus use judgment!"  Everybody died it was so freaking funny!  He is such an awesome kid! I think him and Daniel would be really good friends!  So that was a really good day!

 Thanksgiving we had a zone meeting and that was really good! Then later at about 1 we went            over to the house of some members for dinner and we weren't supposed to go out so we ended up spending the whole day playing card/board games and eating food there! It was a lot of fun!

 Friday we helped this less active lady who was moving into our ward move her stuff over to her    new apartment. It was an interesting move! She didn't live in the nicest house before.                  There were a lot of people there and let's just say they were not keeping the word of
wisdom.  But she moved in with her parents now so that's good!

Saturday was Elder Barton's birthday! And we had a zone breakfast! Then later we went out to lunch for Elder Barton's bday and we had a good time. Then that night we took a less active man to the temple and that was really good! He's kinda old and blind and can't hear very well so teaching him has been interesting! But the Portland temple has a place called the atrium just inside the temple that anyone can go in and he went in there with B- Rauch.  He definitely felt the spirit so that was good.  It made it a lot easier to teach him!
 And Sunday was good! We had stake conference last week so this was my first normal week so I got to meet all the people and it was good! So overall a good week! I'm getting a lot better at talking to everyone we meet and teaching so I'm happy about that! This gospel is true! And it brings people happiness! I know that with all my heart and I'm excited to keep sharing it!
Elder Caleb Dewald

 Here's a picture from Thanksgiving of us playing Jenga.

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