Wednesday, December 28, 2016

 Hello everyone!!!! Merry Christmas!!! Hope you all had a good
This week was pretty good.  B Rauch went out of town
 so we did a lot more walking than normal! But I liked it, it was good!
 We talked to a lot of people so that was good!
 On Thursday nights we play basketball with some less active guys and there haven't been
any pretty much for a long time but elder Barton and I have been talking
 it up for a few weeks and this week we had like 20 guys show up!! It
 was cool! Also they were all Tongan so that was sweet 😂.
Then we had Lopaka's baptism on Saturday and that was AWEOSME!!!! He is such a
 great kid! He was really excited and it was a great baptism!! Elder
 Barton did the baptism! Then he next day I had the chance to confirm
 him. It was such a great experience! The spirit was really strong the
 whole Christmas program that followed!! Church was super good!
 This was a really good week!! Oh and we got our transfer info and I'm
 staying in Saint John's for another 6weeks at least! So that's dope!
 Merry Christmas everyone let me know if you guys have any questions!
Here's a picture I got while walking.

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