Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey y'all this week has been crazy! It snowed pretty early on this
week and it stayed below freezing so we've had snow all week! So that
was fun! During the middle of the week elder Barton got sick so we
stayed in a lot, so that was kinda weird. We are back in action now
 Lopaka had his baptismal interview yesterday so that was
pretty awesome he's getting baptized this week on Christmas Eve!! I'm
stoked! He is such a great kid! Also this week we were teaching Sammy
the WoW. And she was good with it. So we finished that lesson and went
and got some coffee.....  we went to get hot chocolate and elder
Barton wanted to try the white hot chocolate at Starbucks so B Rauch
went in to get it and he asked for the white chocolate and so they gave
him white mochas we found out pretty quick it wasn't hot chocolate
and got rid of it  but B Rauch felt so bad for giving the
missionaries coffee.  I was just laughing so hard because we had
just taught the Word of Wisdom  so that was pretty exciting!
Not much else really happened this week!
Oh,I went on exchanges with the district leader and that was a lot of fun!
He's a really cool guy and he's also the Spanish elder so I was in Spanish lessons all night
and I didn't understand a lot  but it was good we had a good time and
the spirit was the same! It was cool to see people feeling the sprint
even though I couldn't talk to them! So that was good! Talk to you all
later let me know if you have questions! Hers the only picture I took
this week

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