Thursday, December 8, 2016


December 5

Hello everyone! How y'all doing this week? This week has been pretty
busy! We've done a ton of stuff to try and find new investigators.                                                   We've been knocking doors and and contacting people in our area,
book and street contacting a lot! And I'm getting better at
talking to people and teaching lessons! So we've been teaching this
girl named Presley and she's 9 and she is a recent convert and she is
supper sassy but she is a good girl and it's fun to teach her!

Kayla is another girl we are teaching she is super cool and she is
progressing super fast. She is always reading her scriptures and
sending us texts asking about scriptures and it's super awesome to
watch her progress. In the lesson we had with her in Monday last week
we talked a lot about baptisms for the dead. She talked about her
grandpa and how she wants to have his work done for him. She talked
about when she went to the temple she felt like him and also a friend
she had when she was young who died were there and how they wanted
her to get baptized and do the work for them. She thought we might
think that was weird but we just bore our testimonies about temples
and the work that's done there and told her how amazing that was. She
was gonna be baptized on Christmas Eve but she wants to move it up now
because she has friends going out of town that she wants to be there.
So we are probably gonna be doing that sooner which is awesome!

Lopaka the 10 year old we are teaching is progressing super well! 
He always says how he wants to live with God and be in the celestial kingdom and it's so

On a sad note one of our investigators, James who was on date
for New Years is unsure now because he went and visited his dad in
Nebraska and his dad basically said he would never talk to him if he
got baptized and so he said he wouldn't. So that's sad but we fasted
for him yesterday so we'll see how it goes from here.

Last night we went over to a members house and had dinner with James and watched the
Christmas devotional so that was good and he seemed to like it so
that's good! This week has been really rainy and cold but I'm loving
it! The lord is blessing us a lot and it's cool to see! Here are some
pictures from the week. (The pictures are at the top.)


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