Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey everyone!! This week has been pretty good! Crazy but good! Firstly
we had snow on Thursday!!!

It was pretty dang awesome!!! Also I got a hat as you can see and it looks kinda
funny in this picture but it's warm and that's all that matters right? plus ninja 
mask! So yeah that was an adventure!!
The second day we had a bunch of freezing rain
which basically means it was so cold the rain hit the ground and froze so we had 
a bunch of ice and all the snow was turned to ice. Everyone was freaking out 
hardcore when they saw the snow and then the ice! Like nobody went anywhere for
three or four days!! Prime time to do some door knocking and contacting.
We contacted a lot of people!! It was awesome! Blessings from heaven. 
We also had a lesson with Lopaka this week and at the end we had a dance party.  

He is such a great kid!! I really feel blessed to have the chance to teach him! He understands everything pretty well and he is so sweet and loving! Also lessons with Presley (the 9yr old girl we are teaching the after baptism lessons to) are going pretty good she was sick two Sunday's ago so she was pretty tired and a lot calmer than normal on Monday for our lesson! So we got a more taught than normal 😂.

Anywhos so on Saturday we had a ward Christmas party and it was pretty great! We had a lot of less actives and investigators show up! Here are some pictures
This is Sammy and her daughter Kaylee!   Lopaka with Santa.


And I don't have any pictures but I wore that hat to the party 😂😂
So yeah 😂 it was a ton of fun!
Plus Sammy brought a friend who has twin sons! His name is Kenneth and he is Awesome!! We invited him church and he was really excited and he talked about how he was having a really hard day the day of the ward Christmas party and as soon as he walked in the doors he felt calm and peace! It was awesome! Also he came to church the next day and I was teaching him about the restoration some and we also talked about it in the first class he was at and he totally liked it and accepted it! Also he went to elders quorum he like bore his testimony on how recently he's been going through some hard things and how he decided to "turn it all over to Christ" and seek help from him in all he does and how his life improved drastically when he started doing that! He even talked about how he relapsed into "trying to do life by himself" and how he felt the difference and decided to stay relying on Jesus Christ and let him "fight his fights". It was awesome! He's meeting with us this week and I'm really excited about that! He's a great guy!!

So yeah that's pretty much the week. Today we had an all day Christmas meeting for the whole mission so that why I'm emailing so late! Have a good week everyone! Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions! Love ya all!

Elder Caleb Dewald

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