Monday, January 9, 2017

January 2
He everyone!! This week has been pretty good! We got three new
investigators and they are solid!! We met with one on Monday and her
name is Mary. She's the daughter of someone in the ward! She is super
cool! And then the other two are from this family that lives like two
houses away from us. We've been trying to set some thing up with one
of them for a while but it just hasn't worked out yet. Then the
other day we were about to go out and try and find some people in another
area and we were like let's stop by there first. And they totally let
us in and we had a lesson with two of them. Ashley who is the owner of
the house and her brother's fiancé who is living with her right now.
They were both super interested and they invited us to come back!
So that was awesome! Also this week we had the chance to go to the
hospital to give a less active lady we visit a blessing.It was
super cool and the spirit was really strong! Afterwards she was
looking a lot better and we talked to her for a while! So yeah overall
a really good week of miracles and blessings! Let me know if you guys
have any questions or anything
Love y'all!

Elder Caleb Dewald

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