Monday, January 30, 2017

 Jan 23, 2017

Hey everybody!! Wazzz up!? 
This week has been kinda loooong Elder Barton has been sick all week still and so we haven't gone out much! We went to the doctors again and they told him it's a sinus infection ( which I called before we went to the doctors last week ) so he's got some antibiotics now and he's healing a lot quicker! Which is good we are excited to get back out and teach some people!! 
So this week we were able to have a few lessons and they were great!! 
We had one with Jacob the less active RM this week and it was freaking great!! He felt the spirit so strong and he committed to taking all the steps he needs to, to repent!! It was awesome to see the spirit really speaking to him and helping him have the courage to do all the things he needed to! Something we talked about with him was trusting in God! Trusting that he wants what's best for us and is always gonna give us a way back to him! We just have to take it and rely on him and his atonement! Christ is there for us and will help us through our trials if we will turn to him and accept his will! And in the end even if the trial or the repentance is harder than we ever could've imagined we will only be happier and more full of joy to be clean! 
So yeah, it was a great lesson and he's taken a lot of steps already and it's awesome to see the Lord bless him almost immediately for acting in faith! Repentance is real and it is such a wonderful and amazing blessing!! I'm just so grateful for Christ and his infinite atonement! 
Other than that the week has been pretty slow! I read a bunch of talks again so I'm gonna send a list of a few of my favorites! Check them out if you have the chance!  

 Sadly his snowman has died.

Willing to submit
Neal A. Maxwell 
General Conference April 1985

The crust of the bread of adversity                                      
Neal A. Maxwell 
General Conference April 1989

3 Nephi 17 

Put off the natural man, and come off conquer! 
October, 1990, General Conference 
Neal A. Maxwell 

Neal A. Maxwell 
October 1991 

On Mon, Jan 23, 2017
Oh my gosh I almost forgot one of the best parts of the week!!!! We had our temple trip and got to go to the Portland temple!!! It's so pretty and the spirit was super strong!! It was a really good experience and I loved it a lot!  


If anyone has questions let me know! I'll talk to ya next week! Love ya!
Elder Caleb Dewald

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